Saturday, May 29, 2004

Temple of the Falling Star

Falling stars are most dazzling to watch.
Government’s steel eye is always watching.
I don’t believe in Time, so I don’t wear a watch.
Watch what time I get there.

I believe that God exists.
I believe that God does not.
I believe God is so vast, within Him, He both exists and does not.
God is a subset of Himself.

I believe that rules are made to be broken.
I can’t count how many rules have broken me.
A ruler could never measure how much.
I believe I am saying too much.

I believe the only good Nigger is a dead Nigger.
The only good cracker, a dead Cracker.
The only good Spic, a dead Spic.
The only good Chink, a dead Chink.

Kill these words. Kill them dead,
And bury them deep in the bowels of the Earth
Till they decompose, maggot, and rot
Into compost for a New World.

Once there was a New World of red men and women,
Peace pipes and black rivers of hair.
Their carcasses piled in the mountains of Georgia
As their last totem pole blazed and fell.
Who are these savages which butchered their children?
I believe in karma, America.

I believe tomorrow is a cure for today
Even if today is wasting away, T-cell by T-cell, 160 pounds devoured by a virus, an army of hundreds of thousands of millions of locusts blackening each drop of blood till fevers, night sweats, thrush, cancers and sores opening and whose body is this? and doors slamming and pneumonia recurring and phones disconnecting at 140 pounds and raw and vomiting and forsaken and broken and wheezing and diarrhea worsening till 120 pounds and falling and rib cage and mirrors don’t recognize and friends abandon, but God gave you feet, and feet are for standing, and standing is for something, something worth living, a life if

tomorrow is a cure
for today.

I believe in the silence between the prayers.
I believe in the Blackness between the stars.
I believe that I am remarkable.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be.

I believe the loveliest sunset I ever saw
Was on my very own front porch
After a hard day’s work.

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