Sunday, May 30, 2004

On a Fieldtrip to the Jim Crow Museum, Kenya Learns (the Meaning of No)

Here is a gavel no Negro ever struck.
Here, a 1st base no Negro ever reached.
Here is a bus seat no Negro ever took
And here, a pulpit where no nigger ever preached.

Here is a ballot no Negro ever cast.
Here, a lunch counter where no Negro was ever fed.
Here, a frontdoor no Negro has ever crossed.
And here, burial soil that never touched the nigger dead.

Here is a payphone no Negro ever used.
Here, a diving board no Negro ever used.
Here, a Coca Cola machine no Negro ever used.
And here, the swearing Bible no Negro ever used.

Here is a water fountain to never wet a nigger’s lips.
Here, a toilet where no nigger ever shit.
Here, a textbook no nigger has ever read,
Full of a knowledge no nigger will ever get.

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