Wednesday, April 09, 2014

State of the Re:Union Episode feature M. Ayodele Heath, Derrick Brown, Cristin Aptowicz, and Kevin Burke!

CHECK OUT AL LETSON'S State of the ReUnion episode 'When Words Matter: National Poetry Month Special', featuring me sharing some poetry and talking about my  influences.

The full episode also features Derrick Brown, Cristin Aptowicz, and Kevin Burke. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Electronic Corpse ATL Book Launch May 3!

TWO YEARS IN the making, this anthology Electronic Corpse: Poems from a Digital Salon features collaboratively created poems by 84 contributors of all experiences and geographies – from state poets laureates to casual journalers; from Pennsylvania to Georgia to South Korea, India and South Africa. In 2012, inspired by the early 20th century French surrealist parlor game, Exquisite Corpse, M Ayodele Heath began hosting collaborative poetry-making sessions, or digital salons, on his Facebook page. To date, more than 150 poets participated in these virtual events. Heath chose the very best 50 poems, out of hundreds, to carefully catalogue, assemble and preserve. Published by Svaha Paradox Salon of Pittsburgh, PA.

Featuring solo and collaborative readings from contributors including: Christina Springer Collin Kelley C.G. Brown( Corregan Brown) Dan Veach Jennifer Balachandran Jon Goode Ashlee Haze Robert E. Wood Rupert Fike Sharan Strange Teri Elam Theresa Davis, and more! Copies of the book will be available for purchase.