Thursday, May 27, 2004

Life After Idol

Considering the near nervous breakdown I had over missing a previous American Idol episode due to Comcast drama, I suppose this somehow obligates me to comment on last night's American Idol Season 3 finale.

Unless you've been, say, blindfolded and held captive by Americans beneath an Iraqi prison, you know that Fantasia Barrino is the latest American Idol. Fantasia edged Diana DeGarmo by just over 1.3 million votes (with over 50 million total votes cast.)

To tell you the truth, I didn't even watch the final night of competition on Tuesday. And I only half-watched the two-hour Grammy-like production last night. I'm glad Fantasia won, and she fully deserved to win. No doubt about it.

It's just that watching this season's original cast of 12 showcase their individual voices in a 10-or-so-minute Broadway-style medley reminded me just how mediocre Diana DeGarmo's talent really is. There were at least three singers on stage who could sing circles around Diana. And they did - a friendly reminder of what puts the American in American Idol.

The proof in the pudding is that, at 9:59 p.m. last night, there were three people in the cast with record deals already... and not one of them was Diana DeGarmo.

Good luck, Fantasia!


In other news, I got another rejection slip yesterday. (They're really rolling in now!) This one was from the Indiana Review. I entered their 2004 Indiana Review Poetry Prize contest (which had a $15 entry fee), which subscribed me to their publication for a year. The final judge this year was Cornelius Eady. I normally limit myself to one entry-fee contest per year. This year I've entered two. The other is the Slapering Hol Press Chapbook competition with a first prize of $1000. Wish me luck!

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Daniel Roop said...

Y'know, I absolutely HATE American Idol.
But I love Saved by the Bell, and comic books (not the cool indie kind- well yeah, those too - but also stupid super hero garbage), and ESPN.
I'd love to read a psychological study on what one's pop culture infatuations says about one's personality.
Do you love American Idol because you want to be famous, and I hate it because I don't?
Or do I hate it because I so badly want to be famous that I can't stand to watch other people achieve fame? I mean, Zack and Screech were already stars (of a sort) when I watched the show. But Fantasia was a nobody until A.I. (and dear god, could you imagine being named Fantasia, and NOT being a celebrity? That'd be like being 7'2'' and not being able to ball).