Monday, June 19, 2006

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Americana Take 2: Starring Droopy & Daredevil Dog

With a lit stick of dynamite
behind his back, the bulldog, Spike,
tries to time Droopy’s knee-hang swing
on the flying trapeze: Ooouuuuut…
& baaaack… - Oooouuuutttt…
& baaaaaaaack…
Ostensibly to jump
& join the blasé bassethound
for the standard death-defying fare – no

net. But Spike’s real fool-
proof plan: Just before the fuse goes
to hand off the volatile baton
to the nonchalant pup with his paws outstretched,
leaving Spike, like every TV villain, to revel
Ha! Ha! Ha!
in his victim’s demise.
But when Spike finally leaps

to pass the dangling hound the explosive
stick, there’s a change

in plans:
Spike in mid-air
with a finished fuse!
Ha! Ha!
goes the audience.
goes the fuse.
& in lieu
of Droopy’s demise, the daredevil’s
fall; which consists:
Of bulging eyes,
thick lips, pickaninny plaits, & worse—
& worst of all: a Black



Poor Spike.
Poor Daredevil Dog.

If you're under 25, you probably think this is the stuff of my imagination. Unfortuantely, it isn't.

Check out this video footage of more Americana you won't see - one of many such uncensored episodes featuring Droopy & Spike, "Droopy's Good Deed." The "incident" occurs at 5:17.