Friday, May 28, 2004

T and U in '82

T: Oooooooh, I'ma tell!
U: Shut up. Naw you ain't.
T: Unh-hunh, I'm a tell Mama.
U: You ain't tellin coz you ain't seen nothin.
T: I ain't playin. I seent it all. Y'all was over in those bushes {points toward those bushes} and the bushes was movin and y'all was-
U: Okay! Okay! I'll buy you a bubble gum.
T: Nope.
U: I'll buy you some Pixie Stix.
T: Double nope. Unh-unh.
U: I'll buy you some gummy worms and a Hello Kitty ring pop.
T: {Considers. Eyes widen, then narrow.} You ain't got no money for no ring pop.
U: I will. And you won't hafta walk behind me on the way home from school.
T: ...
U: You can walk beside me.
T: {Cheesing.} Okay!

{They walk in silence for a couple of minutes}

T: I got one question.
U: Naw.
T: C'mon, just one question.
U: I said naw!
T: I'ma-
U: Dog, girl, what is it?
T: How come yo bref stank... {mashes her nose} like you been eatin fish?

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