Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Few of My Favorite Things

A pivotal birthday is approaching for me on July 23. To whom it may concern, this list (in no particular order) should considerably cut down on your Q&Aing:

oreo cheesecake, white chocolate cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin cheesecake, turtle cheesecake, sweet potato cheesecake, mocha cheesecake (or just the entire dessert display at Cafe Intermezzo), 91.9 FM Saturdays nights from 9 to 1, sangria, fried catfish wif lotsa hossauce, my mama hushpuppies (like hoecakes wif onions in em), thai cuisine (tamarinds on 14th is my favorite), individuality, the sunset as i take the backroads cruising to bobbi humphrey's "harlem river drive," muscadines, san francisco, jeffrey osbourne, shrimp (though i'm now allergic), fela kuti, dido, double-dutchers, fat albert, the soul clap, mahalia jackson, norah jones, six feet under, libraries, leading by example

songs in the key of life, swimming lessons, michael mcdonald, worn-in jeans, star blazers, d-influence, fuddruckers burgers, adinkra symbols, breakbeats, the police (with sting), red velvet cake, dominique wilkins, astrud gilberto, antonio carlos jobim, virginia rodrigues, "what you gonna do with my loving" by inner city, coconut oil, alek wek, a ferry ride, spanish classes, falcons tickets, uno's pizza, hgtv, wole soyinka's ake, jamiroquai, 60 minutes, the lord of the rings, cuba, coconut rice, obatala, a smile

alvin ailey's "cry" as performed by judith jamison, soul ii soul (i'd die to have a logoed t-shirt), brand new heavies (i'd die twice to have a logoed t-shirt), omar, scrabble, a fish fry, passion, maurice evans, tahitian treat, green lantern, nag champa, the new georgia flag, an ocean breeze, dreams, chaka khan, prince (pre-new power generation), frankie beverly & maze, peter jennings, ralph ellison, cheetarah, verve remixed, tearsa coates {do a google search; you'll find her}, s.o.s. band, sankofa, burnt orange, sage green

a clean bill of health, believing, a mortgage (instead of this godawful rent), accountability, m. night shyamalan's new film, apple jolly ranchers, a green light, "rainforest" by paul hardcastle, sade, new flip-flops (size 11), planet rock, style, miles on trumpet, gabriel garcia marquez, the summer of 86, a roller coaster ride, a better paying job!, yusef komunyakaa, lining out (hymns), brasil, a good dictionary (one suitable for a writer), a tribe called quest's first three albums (people's..., low end..., midnight...), my toes in the sand, learning, teaching, general tso's chicken, autumn, natural light, a sunroof!, frontpage, acting classes, mahogany wood, the buena vista social club, mighty casey's, good manners

ella fitzgerald, pineapple, "rise" by herb alpert, the spring of 90, "baby i'm scared of you" by womack & womack, zaxby's, "don't leave me this way" by thelma houston, frozen margaritas, fish tacos from tacquiera del sol, elaine from seinfeld, michael jackson's "off the wall" album, terri gross (fresh air), banana republic, donnie hathaway, amelie, a booking agent!, nina simone singing "four women", nina simone singing "sinnerman", nina simone, an acceptance letter from the new yorker (yeah right!), a job that utilizes my talents!, an acceptance letter from grad school, a publishing contract, the window seat

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