Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED #2: I'm sittin on the FRONT row

I NEVER SIT ON THE FRONT ROW at anything. Something about being that close to a lecturer/performer typically makes me uncomfortable. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but I think it has something to do with feeling on the spot. It's like, say, being on stage. You might think it odd that a performer would be uncomfortable with being on the spot, but that's me - odd!

When you're on the front row, everyone knows your business - when you're going to the bathroom, when you're doodling, or when you're - God forbid - nodding off. So much pressure!

So, here I am - not going to the bathroom, not doodling, not nodding off - but sitting on the front row with my two very lovely New England College classmates, Issa Lewis and Tara Betts, at Ira Sadoff's lecture during this on the poetry of Frank O'hara at this summer's residency.

Mission Accomplished #2: Sit on the front row at anything.


Collin said...

Cool...and Frank O'Hara. Even more cool.

Are you in NE now? Let's have that dinner when you come back.

M. Ayodele Heath said...

Actually, this is a photo from June. I'm in town this week. I'll shoot you an e-mail about dinner.

BLUE said...

aren't you all pretty?! i like this pic. front row is indeed a different view. light!

Anonymous said...

You look great man! Nice teeth. lol

Rahman said...

I guess that we can call that one -- frontrowaphobia. Even in fear (or percieved fear) you create! Thanks for a great blog!


Issa said...

The narcissistic side of me loves that I'm mentioned in someone else's blog. *wink*

When shall we meet again for online Scrabble, O Scrabble master?