Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crossing the Pond (Part 1)

TODAY, THE PHONE AT MY DESK RINGS AND it's a good friend who lives in Florida with whom I don't get to chat very often.

"What's happening?" I say.

"Not too much, man. We've been playing phone tag and I figured I'd try you during the day when I knew you'd be at your desk."

"Ah, cool, cool. So, what's going on witcha?"

"Well, two things," he says. "One, I just got some good news."

"Yeah? Spread it!"

"Well, you know, my performance piece, _ri__, that my group performed at the NYC Fringe Festival a couple of months back?"


"Well, there was this guy there with this theatre festival in England that just called and invited us to come perform it there."

"Man, congratulations. That is good news."

"Thanks. Well, the second part of the news is that I'm planning to go over a little before the festival to do a few spoken word shows..."


"...and I was thinking it would be nice if we could do the shows together."
Goal 25 here I come!

"Ah, cool. So, when are you talking?"

"... October."

"As in, a-coupla-weeks-from-now October?"

To be continued...


Collin said...

Fantabulous, Ayo! I'm going to England at the very end of October, so I have a feeling I'll miss you, but can't wait to hear more about this!

Christina Springer said...

Don't forget to give a sister a call when you get to London. And if you need a place to crash, we have a spare bedroom. Also let me know any London dates so I can announce them in my class.