Tuesday, October 19, 2004

MFA Application Update (4 of 4)

This just in from New England College:

Dear Marvin,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the Master of Fine Arts Program in Poetry at New England College. Your application materials indicate that you have the talent and ability to succeed in this highly selective program.

We have enclosed important information about the structure and philosophy of our MFA program. During the January 2004 residency,
Marilyn Nelson and Michael Waters joined our already outstanding staff. Alicia Ostriker and Judith Hall joined us this past summer. The extraordinary range of our prominent faculty offers a seasoned, as well as diverse pedagogical presence. Students and faculty comprise a vital creative community at the NEC MFA Program, complementing the...

So, here we are.

Four months ago, I had no undergraduate degree, and no foreseeable plan out of cubicle life.

Two months ago, I had 4 application packets and a prayer that 1 admissions committee would be willing to look beyond the blemishes in my academic record.

Today, I have 2 rejection letters, but also, more importantly, 2 acceptances. Today, I have choices!


I suppose here the string section should start. And the narrator should say something inspirational about stepping out on faith, or about attempting the impossible. But that is the language of endings, and this is just a beginning. I've waited 10 long years.

Now, my friends, I'm ready to start.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about Ayo...you've probably learned and done more for your craft than most people can even dream about. As our mutal Tech friend Mark would say, you've already gotten out there "ButtBootyNaked" the moment you said fuck Tech I'm out...(A GoodBlackMan dropping out of GT cause he wants to write? Don't you want to make money? Don't you want to make your race proud by being in a career that would've rotted your insides like a cancer cause you'd rather be writing but that check is sooooo nice and your car is soooo nice with its soft like butter leather interior?)

I expect many of us are waiting for the day when we get to do our PBS interview and we get to talk about how you were the shit before you were the shit...

I can see it now, the standard still shots of a big head Marv as a child. Marv in his baseball uniform. Marv at his first Slam. Ahh...in fact, you better tell your fam to pull out the pics now and put them to the side...

Tell Roop he needs to start writing his PBS speech now and put it a side too...

Just "started!"...Do we have to get you a hype man?...I wonder if Bently does Slams?

P.S. You have to tell the story about your roommate from Central Florida. Priceless...

P.P.S. Don't ever write some shit like this after midnight. I know I'll wonder what the hell I was thinking when I look at this later...(what's up with all the goddamn ellipses?)

Anonymous said...

Do you realize what this means?
It means only 50% of academic institutions are stupid enough to pass on you. Based on past experience, I would have figured the number would be higher. :+)
Actually what this means is what we all knew already - you are ridiculously talented, and ridiculously capable of existing in a million worlds with a million futures- this is one more world opening, and it's much much deserved.
I am so happy for you.


Collin said...

So is it Queens or New England? Nosy bitch wants to know. :) Marilyn Nelson...I couldn't pass that action up.

Anonymous said...


I know I have told you this before, but, I feel the need to put it in writing - Congratulations!
For what it’s worth, I am proud of you! You inspire me.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

So my main comp in high school is doin' the damn thing. Okay, I was competing, I'm not sure if you were. You had my ass beat hands-down in math, sports, and yes, poetry (even though I have kept writing and my work has grown along with me).
I haven't seen you in something like 5 or 6 years, but still, I feel as happy for you as I would if we talked every week. I've gone a convoluted route in some ways, but I have really come to understand what it means to do what you love, and I've always respected you for the courage you've had to be you all the way through.
I look forward to my kids studying your work, man. Hey, I look forward to studying it, where can I get some? *grin*
I'd love to hear from you sometime man. Google the full name and I should be easy to find. Maybe we can grab a beverage in the city when I'm around.
Take care of yourself.