Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Brief History of Okra: Master's Take

Found in its wild
state on the floodplain of the Nile, Okra arrived
at the Port of New Orleans circa 1700 - germs stored
in a drum. NOTE: Start

okra from seed. It does not transplant
well. It is best planted
directly in Southern soil
after all danger

of frost has passed. RULE
OF THUMB: Keep the plants
separated. Okra seeds
are large, easy to handle, but they need

warm weather to grow well; which means
in Northern climes, you may not have
much of a crop. Picking
pods while wet may darken

the skin. They may seem bitter
at first, son, but really, the taste
is not affected. Unlike
her cousin, Cotton, Okra's showy

yellow flower will bloom jus one
day each year. Jus make sho
that day don't last

too long.


BLUE said...

they watchin' ... jus like me. an' you know your FILE is growing, right? love this and its many afro-layers. light! ~BLUE

Anonymous said...