Friday, October 01, 2004

Lovesong of the Eschatologist

Love, I have fallen desperately
out of orbit, clutching only this blazing heart-
shaped chute. Even after you were the last
oxygen molecule in my vacuous universe, I inhaled
deeply. I consumed you. By the time these echoes
of light reach you, I will be a lost constellation
of half-truths; a brazen horizon
fallen; a thousand starry bones tossed
from your door of diamond flame. Will you
forever behold me in this fractured prism
of light? Even after I've drifted light
years away from you? Why fossilize this moment
I've dreaded for so long? - the end

of my world. Will my unborn, too,
gather light in hollow mouths & blow
blue moons? Will the lunar winds forever moan
Etta James? Look, what can be more earnest than I
beating my cavernous chest, till my fists shatter
into rings of ice? My forsaken love blossoms
for you, like a monstrous mushroom
cloud. I loved you wholly, the only way
I knew how. With my whole heart, even
the darkest part. Which is the black hole
that softly devoured



Lindsey said...

beautiful poem. i enjoyed reading it very much.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

This is what I call a "feel-good poem"