Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Recovering your personal DNA

IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I blogged about my employment situation. Here's an update. After 4 lateral moves, I received my first promotion in January.

Before you congratulate me, I should tell you that I've been working at this company for 10 years. I first walked through its doors in September 1995 at age 21. As I'm not feeling terribly creative these days, I don't have many words to describe the new position, but the words living hell do come to mind.

Anyway, as I approach the final stretch of this marathon before entering the stadium - feet bloody, dehydrated, delirious - I look for constant signs to remind me of who I am. Today, I took a Personal DNA test which says I am a

Here's a link to my results in more detail: My Personal Dna Report
Here's a link if you want to take the test yourself.


BLUE said...

i am a benevolent creator. hmm ...

daguru said...

...a dynamic analyst