Monday, July 03, 2006


SHE WAS TOO CHICKEN to play me one-on-one. So, I had to give a double-beatdown A-town style during our June residency in the New England College MFA in Poetry:

AYO: 241
ISSA: 209
T_RA: 148

Mission accomplished #36: Beat T_ra Betts in Scrabble

That would be 93 points, T_ra. Ninety-three, without even adding your and Issa's unplayed tiles! But who's counting?

Imagine the beating if you didn't have Issa to buffer my booyakuhs!

Look at the bright side, T_ra. At least I saved you the embarrassment of posting both of your defeats. Oops, did I say that? In January, maybe you two should play me 2 on 1. But let me stop before I'm accused of trash talking.

Oh well, too late!


Tara Betts said...

You are trash talking. I noticed that you posted the second set of results and not the ones where I lost by 10 points. The second round also does not account for you & Issa getting the X, Y, Q and other high point letters since I was getting 1-point letters at best. I think Ayo doesn't want to post that d.a. powell, one of the NEC faculty spanked everyone in that first match without even blinking or fully paying attention. Why don't you post those first results? Thought not.

M. Ayodele Heath said...

If it makes you feel better, I will post the results of the first game, where I also beat you.

I was attempting to be gentlemanly by not posting both of your defeats, but you'll have your way... even if your way is losing.


Tara Betts said...

I would say "your momma," but I actually like you and call you a friend. In any case, accuracy is best. Give me a call sometime this semester as we work through the final semester grind.
peace & motion,