Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Letter to a High School Classmate (Who Didn't Leave a Way to Get Back in Touch)


What's happening, man? Long time, no see... no hear... no-

Let's just say it's been a long time.

I ran into Marul__s W_lliams last Christmas at the Borders in Midtown. He told me about your software company and that you're doing really, really well. I'm really happy for you. Way to represent for the CG, shawty!

I see you stumbled on my blog. And so my secret is out. In high school, I thought poetry was kinda corny, and now here I am making a career of it!

Though I never moved from Atlanta, the trip to 30 has been quite an adventure. But for better or for worse, I'm learning to love every minute of it. Hope everything is well with you, that your holidays are happy, and a whole host of other cliches - except I really mean them.

Regarding the post you made to my blog, I never competed with you (at least as I remember it). What you did, instead, was to push me to be a better me. Had it not been for you, I would have been very content with being an excellent math student, who probably would've made a very stereotypical engineer - a whiz at equations but terrible at communications.

For instance, I remember once, in Dr. C_rnegie's class, I repeated the Joker's line from the movie Batman, "This town needs an engima" because the word "enema" wasn't in my vocabulary! You corrected me, and you weren't a snob about it. By your example, you inspired me to build my vocabulary, to read more, and ultimately led me on this creative path which is a joyous life. I really thank you for it.

I don't know where you're based these days - Atlanta or Alaska or Europe - but when you're in town, drop me a line, tell me about your company. We should catch up.



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junior said...

I wonder if you two are still listed in the Cedar Grove "Hall of Fame"

Y'all are the Magic and Bird of our high school..lmao