Saturday, December 18, 2004

Getting to Know Me (Nicknames)

A NICKNAME IS A descriptive name, usually given to describe an idiosyncrasy of a person's personality/physical make-up, or to describe some other anecdotal quirk. Sometimes nicknames are derivative (Bob for Robert, for example) and sometimes the references are inspired by figures of pop culture (Rico Suave, for instance) and may have very little to do with the person at all.

But more often, a nickname gives a truer - if not always flattering - picture of how an individual is viewed through the eyes of others in a way that a given name does not reveal. In some cases, the nickname is ironic, poking fun at a trait (for example, Tiny for the tallest player on a basketball team). At any rate, to attempt to give you a truer picture of who I am, I'm going to give you a list of 50 nicknames I have been called at various stages of my life. Some have stuck, while others (thankfully) have not.

And mind you, as I am attempting to present a 'true' picture, I will tell you in advance that there are several of these names that I don't find flattering in the least bit (nonetheless, the names arise from someone's perception) and which I have not heard in 10 or 20 years.

This is to say, more importantly, mutter these monikers at your own risk!

1. Mars
2. Ayo
3. Brainiac
4. Cleopatra Crickets
5. Hollywood
6. Poopalotticus
7. Pooh-pooh
8. GQ
9 . Langston (as in Hughes)
10. Poet Laureate
11. Marv
12. Doctor Marv
13. Marvelous Marvin
14. Starvin Marvin
15. Messy Marvin
16. Doctor Heath
17. Head
18. Neck
19. Professor
20. Papi
21. Butter/Buttermilk
22. Heathbar
23. Doogie Howser
24. Greenmarvtheleo
25. Atlanta
26. Deacon Heath
27. Rhodes Scholar
28. Dewighty
29. Muscleman
30. Slim
31. Sidney (as in Poitier)
32. Sexyfine
33. Genius
34. Maya (as in Angelou)
35. Number 9
36. Reverend
37. The Calculator
38. Ellenwood
39. Marvin Gaye
40. Banana Republic
41. Einstein
42. Aero
43. Wiz
44. Fashion plate
45. Lil' Dave
46. Big Man
47. 360
48. Cedar Grove
49. Mellow Marv
50. Whoa


junior said...

Don't forget Doc Gooden and

Hey that reminds me...what ever happened to Marcus Mays?

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