Saturday, September 25, 2004

MFA Application Update (3 of 4)

A form letter from Warren Wilson College:

Dear Mr. Heath,

On behalf of the MFA Academic Board I thank you for your interest in our Program for Writers, but am sorry to say that we are not able to invite you to begin the program next semester. In recent years our pool of applicants has grown considerably, and while that is gratifying, it means we are accepting a progressively smaller percentage of the writers interested in joining us.

While I know this isn't the decision you were hoping for, I hope it won't interrupt the ongoing development of your craft. I thank you again for your interest in this program and wish you the best in your writing.


__t_r T__ch_
Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers


BLUE said...

i am so thrilled (!) that you are documenting this progression of the MFA/writing life. what a wonderful testimony it will be when you are kicking ass in the world that is larger than MFAs. (i can see it now ... really, i can!) did i ever tell you, i used to say that MFA stood for Mutha F*cking Attitude? i need to revisit that mantra, huh? keep reaching, without sorrow or regret, beyond the things that world might use to define you. you are already an amazing man and a fresh talent in our world. to borrow from a Dr. Seuss title ... "Oh, the Places You Will Go." loads of light!!! ~BLUE

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous.You're amazing.MFA programs need to come out of the past and realize what's happening out here.What's also cruddy is that I would bet you could book a show at these places, the kids would be inspired, the staff maybe even ooh-and-ahhing, they just don't want performer poets in the door as often.It's threatening.