Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A River Runs Through The Valley: Darkness and the Creative Process

THROUGHOUT MUCH OF MY LIFE I'VE BEEN an optimist--a silver-lining, bright-side-of-things kind of guy. But life inevitably presents us with obstacles, valleys, and storms that challenge our faith, beliefs, and entire sense of being. My old self sought to fast-forward through those darker experiences to get back on a "happy note."

But how dull would life's song be if it were only played with one bright note? Or if the pianist only tickled the twinkly sounds of the right hand, played in a major key? How much deeper is our experience when we honor our darknesses and play them in a balanced composition? Not every darkness is an ailment: a stage, a soil, a skin.

I know a river runs through the valley. And I've seen the wildflowers there.

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