Friday, November 23, 2007


WHILE THE WRITING WELL HAS been experiencing a drought lately, this day after Thanksgiving, I'm thankful all artistic expression is not lost.

Above is my latest painting endeavor, which I'm calling Ascension. It's 8 panels, mixed media on canvas, roughly 42 inches tall by 70 inches wide.


Collin said...

Blue and I were ready to send out a search party.

The painting is beautiful.

Let's do dinner again sometime. I want to know what's going on with you.

BLUE said...



Tremaine said...

It's beautiful!!

RareEpiphany/Pamela said...



Chas said...

My name is Chas and I am a member of the 2008 Java Monkey Slam Team. Our team has been formed but due to a scheduling conflict one of our members will not be able to attend the entire competition held in Madison WI Aug 3-9th. Therefore, we are having a last chance "win & you're in" slam at Java Monkey Coffee House in Downtown Decatur this Sunday May 25th at 8pm. You have been HIGHLY rec commended by Gypsee Yo & Bryan Patillo (two of the other team members). So I just wanted to reach out & invite you. I hope you're interested & I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you,


Issa said...

Can I just say I miss all the creativity you inspire in me, dear friend? I love this painting. I've been dabbling in acrylics myself, trying to create some homemade home decor for our new house. I'm very excited; I have a room of my own for writing, artistic endeavors, and yoga!

Summer always makes me think of Henniker. Certain smells and gushes of warm air bring me back. Wish there was a river here that was clean enough to jump into on a hot day. Simply jumping into a pool is refreshing, but not nearly as thrilling!

Hoping to catch up with you sooner or later-