Monday, May 21, 2007

Traveling, Part I

LAST NIGHT I DREAMT I was wearing red shoes. Loafers.

But anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't be caught dead wearing red shoes - especially loafers.

I'm not a loafers kinda guy.


This morning, I stuck my right foot in a brown Oxford I hadn't worn in months. But something was troubling my big toe: A penny? A pebble?

I pulled off the shoe. Shook it. And out came, wrapped in silver foil, a Hershey's kiss.

What does it mean? Where do I go?


guru said...

it means you don't write enough

Collin said...

Dayum...I was about to send out a search party for your ass. Where do you go? Where are you now? ;-)

Anonymous said...

It means u need to stay in contact with those who love you. You need them, as much as they need you.