Monday, March 20, 2006

Ayo Goes Visual

AS IF I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH on my plate these days, I've now taken up painting. This was my first. It's now about a year old. I call it "Z." In 4 parts, the total composition is about 40 in. tall x 30 in. wide. The inspiration was three-fold:

1) A Tribe Called Quest's "Low End Theory" album cover (Oh, the lost art of album covers!)
2) South African visual artist/writer Peter Clarke, who asked, What's the worst that could happen?
3) a huge bare space on my dining room wall that could have cost over $1000 to fill with a professional framed painting!

Necessity is the mother of invention!


Collin said...

Mama likes...Mama likes!

nolapoet said...

Ya, COOOOL... do some more!


Anonymous said...

I really like this character. You might have to make me a shirt with her on it! Luh ya, boy!

--Tara, Tara

Anonymous said...

how much would you charge me for a copy? you are called: talented!

Anonymous said...

i'd would also like a copy