Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Goals in Review

Things from my goals list, which I DID NOT ACCOMPLISH :-(

Reach target weight of 168 pounds.

I didn't follow my action plan of eating breakfast every workday. As a result, I didn't meet the goal. Nor was I consistent with one leg workout per week.

Attend a church (any church) once every 2 months.

Pay off my Capital One Mastercard (which has the highest interest).
I did not put the card in a Ziploc bag with water and stick it in the freezer, so I couldn't use it. Another failure to follow the action plan.

Give more compliments.A/P: Each day, give at least one compliment to a stranger/casual associate.A/P: Each day, give at least one compliment to a family member/close friend.

I did not follow the action plan here. As a result, it did not become a habit.

Visit parents once a month.
Travel to a Carribean island for a long weekend this summer.
Boy did I miss this one.

Complete a book by James Baldwin.
Keep the blog updated.A/P: Update twice a week.
Obviously, I didn't keep this one.
Get the book club involved in volunteering in a community project.
The book club didn't have a single meeting last year. (I think they're waiting on me to finish grad school.)
Resume Spanish lessons by my birthday (7/23)
Take an acting class.
Take voice lessons.
Bench press 225 pounds ten (10) times.

Things from my goals list, which I DID ACCOMPLISH :-)

Launch a website.

Give at least 1 free performance per month.
Start a separate wardrobe for performance
More sowing: Once a month, take a platonic friend/associate/co-worker out for a meal or coffee.
__it_; D___n; __ja; _a_a_; F__ie__; _a_u; D_n__k_; _ar_; __m; Da___;
_a__i_; _abi

Workout 3x a week.
Eat more vegetables!
Drink more water!
Attend at least 6 plays this year:

Porgy & Bess, The Syringa Tree, Flyin West, Take Me Out, Madea Goes to Jail
(that really shouldn't count)

Develop a standard pay scale for gigs.
Earn $_,000 in writing gigs/awards.
Call more often!
Say NO!
Break the routine.
Clean out my closet.
Become a better swimmer
Continue to expose myself to new experiences.
Learn five (5) new recipes:
sweet potato souffle; coconut rice; cajun red snapper; broccoli, rice &
cheese casserole; garlic lime chicken

Complete 1st year of MFA Program in Poetry
Halfway home!

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