Thursday, July 07, 2005

30: A Year of Personal Firsts

As I approach my 31st birthday on July 23, I've gotta say that 30 has been - to use my favorite word - transformative, a year of firsts. In my opinion, much of this has to do with goal-setting, but it has as much to do with surrounding myself with beautiful people like yourself who constantly elevate me. So, thanks to you all, elevators!

And if you recognize yourself on this list, then I owe you lunch! Take me up on it, seriously.

1) 1st trip to Africa

Thanks, Fulton County Arts Council!

2) 1st painting

Thanks, Peter Cl__ke!

3) 1st safari

Thanks, M____m and _oz

4) 1st word in Zulu

Sawubona (Which means I see you), G__isile!
5) 1st pedicure

Thanks, B__e!

6) 1st time installing track lighting

7) 1st time performing poetry in a cemetery

Thanks, B__e!

8) 1st time performing poetry for Republicans (or is that the same thing?)

Thanks, __t!

9) 1st time I saw someone else perform one of my poems

Thanks, J_n!
10) 1st time seeing the Indian Ocean

11) 1st vocal lesson

Thanks, _a__i_!

12) 1st year of keeping a blog

Thanks, C_llin & B__e & K__t_!

13) 1st time I got __d on a balcony

Thanks _o_!

14) 1st time I floated on my back

Thanks, K__t_!

15) 1st time I swam the length of a pool

Thanks, K__t_!

16) 1st time I ate food growing in the wild

Thanks, V_nani!

17) 1st time attempting to give myself a haircut

18) 1st time I had cheesecake from Junior's of Brooklyn

Thanks, T__sa!

19) 1st time I've owned a cell phone

Thanks... but no thanks!

20) 1st time memorizing a poem that was not my own

Thanks, New England College MFA program!

21) 1st time I composed a Curriculum Vitae

Thanks, M_lcolm!

22) 1st time I performed a poem for my family - I mean the whole family - all the aunts & uncles & cousins and dem

Thanks, Pops!

23) 1st time producing a limited edition print

Thanks, M___om!

24) 1st time writing a poem longer than 3 pages

Thanks, Anne W_ldman!

25) 1st year in grad school

Thanks, T___sa!


Anonymous said...

So how many lunches do I get? K__t_

Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday lil' shawtee!

Anonymous said...

[Me singing]

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Ayo
Happy Birthday to you

And many more!